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WisNode Button 4K

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Product Description

The WisNode Button is a remote wireless trigger device. It supports user-defined functions for each key and is based on the LoRaWAN 1.0.2 protocol. Supported LoRaWAN bands are IN865, EU868, AU915, US915, KR920, and AS923.

The Button is suitable for a variety of Smart Home applications: Entertainment system control, Control of Lights, as a Snooze Button for your Alarms, or a remote trigger. With long-range wireless connectivity, amazing battery life, and four programmable buttons, there are a ton of applications this device can fit into.

Product Features

  • 4 Buttons with LED indicator
  • LoRaWAN® 1.0.2 compatible
  • Battery: 350 mAh
  • Battery working time: 1 year (Rechargeable)
  • Power Consumption: Transmit: 77.4-153* mA, Standby: 4.8 uA
  • Working Environment: Indoor
  • Product Size: 43x57x15 mm
  • Operating Temperature: -20º C to 60º C

*transmit current depends on factors such as transmit power, SF, and Payload Length

Product Inclusions

  • 1pc RAK7201-4 Key Button
  • 1pc Micro USB Cable
  • 1pc Double-sided adhesive Sticker